Our quality promise 

We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management. We guarantee optimized procedures and processes throughout the entire planning and production cycle of your product. In doing so, we always work customer- and quality-oriented to the highest degree.

Our Quality requirements 

  • Careful supplier selection
    Extensive approval procedure, personal visits to possible new suppliers
  • Permanent, logged supplier evaluation
    Incoming goods inspection based on defined criteria, on-time delivery
  • Mandatory and documented quality checks at suppliers
    Dimensional check, e.g. for printed circuit boards E-test, etc
  • Specified test procedures for internal incoming goods inspection
    Safety inspection, dimensional checks of all incoming goods, initial sample inspection reports according to VDA 6.0
  • Continuous education and training of our employees
  • Planning / implementation / control and improvement of environmental objectives
    Definition of environmental objectives and corresponding measures, responsibilities and procedures,
    Implementing the defined measures and procedures, as well as monitoring, adapting and improving the environmental objectives and environmental guidelines

Quality Management Standard DIN ISO 9001:2015

A company that has been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 has been able to demonstrate sufficiently that its quality management system meets international standards and requirements. It meets both customer requirements and regulatory authority expectations. Inasmuch as DIN ISO 9001:2015, like all standardized norms, is subject to continuous improvement processes, Decor-Technik Group renews its certifications at regular intervals.     

Environmental Management Standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Topics such as global warming, rising sea levels and climate change in general are important topics and affect everyone. The use and consumption of resources in particular is an area where we as a company can make our contribution to the conservation and responsible use of raw materials. As with the quality management standard, one aspect of the environmental standard is the CIP (continuous improvement process). In this sense, the company's day-to-day business is under constant observation with the intention of being better tomorrow than we are today. In order to systematically design and maintain this process, Decor-Technik Group was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in 2024.