China Location

Our most recent subsidiary, DT metronic Shenzhen Co., Ltd., was founded in 2018 and is located in the Chinese metropolis of the same name, Shenzhen. We are here on-site as professional consultant and supplier for China-based companies from automotive and industry. We also specialize in decorative elements and mechanical parts in the Chinese market.


DT metronic Shenzhen Co., Ltd. offers the following services in the areas of mechanical parts and decorative elements:

  • Automotive: Decorative elements for interior and exterior
  • Automotive: Decorative and functional parts for keys and steering wheels
  • Industry: Decorative elements
  • Industry: Mechanical parts
  • Prototyping
  • Implementing series production
  • Developing logistics concepts

China Design Services

For realizing your decorative elements in ideal corporate design, DT metronic Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is your experienced consultant for perfect implementation and feasibility right from the planning phase:

  • Design consulting: Feasibility starting at the planning phase
  • Design implementation: Suitable material selection
  • Design implementation: Suitable manufacturing processes